Hillyard Defoamer II Concentrated

Hillyard Defoamer II Concentrated



Hillyard Defoamer II is a concentrated, stable white emulsion, specially formulated to eliminate foam in recovery tanks of carpet cleaning equipment, automatic floor scrubbers, and wet pickup vacuums. It acts quickly to help prevent foam from being pulled into the electrical vacuum motor, where moisture can cause rust and other damage. Defoamer II is pulled through the recovery system to break up the foam at its source. Defoamer II is noncorrosive, phosphate free, and contains no caustics or acids. It can be used in a wide variety of equipment, including hot and cold water carpet extractors, shampooers, automatic scrubbers and wet dry vacuums. Dilution rate .5 oz per gallon.
Features & Benefits:
  • Prevents foam buildup.
  • No moisture reaches the electrical vacuum motor.
  • Works in hot or cold water.
Product Name:  Defoamer II
Product code:  HIL0018306
Brand:  Hillyard
Scent: Non-objectionable
Size: 1 gallon container
Color: White
Style:  Concentrate-1:20 – 1:256

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Weight10 lbs




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