Hillyard HD Extraction Carpet Cleaner

Hillyard HD Extraction Carpet Cleaner


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Hillyard HD Extraction cleaner is formulated for minimal residue and rinses easily so it will not contribute to re soiling. New encapsulation technology actually traps dirt so vacumming of carpet becomes much more effective. Carpet stays at a more consistent, higher level of appearance than the typical highs and lows associated with traditional products that promote rapid resoiling. It is loaded with powerful surfactants for faster, more effective carpet extraction cleaning. This special blend of surfactants cuts right through the toughest soil to quickly clean even the dirtiest carpets swiftly. Fresh and clean fragrance leaves carpets smelling wonderfully fresh. Product dilutes two ounces per gallon so you get more fragrance in dilution. Non corrosive formula is safe for all types of extractors and works well with hot or cold water. Dilution rate 2 oz per gallon.
Features & Benefits:
  • Rinses easily so it won’t contribute to re-soiling.
  • New encapsulation technology traps dirt for ease of vacuuming.
  • Pleasant fresh and clean fragrance.
Product Name: HD Extraction
Product code: HIL0091406
Brand: Hillyard
Scent: Non-Objectionable
Size: one gallon
Color: Clear
Style: Dillution Rate 1:64-1:20

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