Hillyard Super Hil-Tone

Hillyard Super Hil-Tone


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Super Hil-Tone is a high-quality dust mop treatment formulated to clean and protect seals and finishes. Daily dust mopping with Super Hil-Tone increases the life and beauty of your floors by reducing the abrasive effects of tracked in dirt. Treatment with Super-Hil Tone provides excellent resistance to black heel marks, scuffing, and scratching. Super Hil-Tone is specially formulated to meet EPA VOC requirements as a dusting aid without sacrificing cleaning and protective properties. The unique formula is also classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. as to slip resistance, 186S, for greater safety. Super-Hil Tone is ideal for maintaining all types of flooring, wood, vinyl, terrazzo, concrete, paver brick, quarry tile, and synthetic sports floors. Plus it is excellent for cleaning and shining stainless steel or for treating wood wall paneling and wood furniture. Super-Hil Tone also helps in the fight against graffiti on metal partitions in restrooms. Ready to use
Features & Benefits:
  • Formulated to clean and protect seals and finishes.
  • Increases the life and beauty of floors.
  • Reduces the abrasive affects of tracked in dirt.
Product Name: Super Hil-Tone
Product code: HIL0021506
Brand:  Hillyard
Scent: Oil
Size: 1 gallon container
Color: Light Yellow
Style: Ready to Use

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